Jamie Ollenberger: A Youtube Memorial

Coming soon videos of my dear friend, Jamie Ollenberger’s fights.


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  • DML:

    Any ETA on this project. It’s a terrific idea. Would a donation of time or money help at all?

    • Jesse:

      I’m waiting on VHS to DVD transfers so that I can get some of Jamie’s fights uploaded on Youtube or Vemo. Jamie’s nephew has the tapes. I’m waiting on him.

    • Jesse:

      I’m waiting on some VHS to disc conversions. It’s been slow but it will eventually happen and then I will be able to post some of Jamie’s fights and interview as well as material that I have written, some of which is already published in my book Early Out. Thanks so much for the offer. Jamie meant a lot to many people. We won’t forget him, not in this lifetime, not in a hundred lifetimes.

    • Jesse:

      I’ve uploaded any available fights of Jamie’s onto Youtube. Under the name of Jamie Ollenberger.

  • Cory:

    Hi there just wondering where he trained? And if Theryes any videos of Jamie, he was my second cousin. Pretty interesting that he was a boxer and I am as well. Jamie’s dad is my grandmas brother. Rita ollenberger.

    • Jesse:

      Right. I’ve met Sam, and I spent an afternoon with him one time, last year. Tony Dowling, Jamie’s manager gave me VHS tapes of three of Jamie’s fights, and some interviews. He mailed them to me. I gave them to Sam. Sam’s mother has a transfer machine. I think it was his mother. Once the material is transformed to disc they can be uploaded to YouTube and my website. Look on my Facebook site, Jesse Kaellis. Look on the photos and there are some of Jamie. Where he trained? When I met him he was training at Oljide’s gym. I joined that gym. Then we went to the Inner City Gym on Main @ Hastings, I had my first fight there. That gym is long gone. I moved to LA and then Vegas. In 1987 Jamie came to Vegas to train. I got stories behind all of this. I was living in Vegas when he died. Dowling called me and left a message on my answering machine. June 1991, I believe. Where do you train? I was at Manny’s gym this evening. I am going with a friend to Pep’s gym tomorrow. Jamie fought at 140, exceptionally fast, strong, and tough. He competed in a tough, tough, era. He had some really bad breaks. I mourned him long and hard.

    • Jesse:

      Yes, I finally uploaded some of Jamie’s fights on Youtube. They are under his name. It’s heartbreaking for me to watch them. Jamie’s dad also fought in the amateurs. I met Sammie, Jamie’s nephew.

  • Jesse:

    The VHS tapes are with Jamie’s nephew, awaiting transfer to disc and from there we can upload then to YouTube and also onto my site here. There is a 12 round fight with Tony Thomas for the Pacific Northwest Title, that Jamie won on a split decision. And there is a fight Jamie won in Oklahoma, knocked the guy out with a body shot, there is an interview and some other stuff. I’m sorry this has taken so long.
    Oh, yeah, a four or six rounder with Jesse Toro at the Italian Cultural Center, that Jamie won every second of every round. Extremely fast for this fight.

  • Thanks SO much for doing this Jesse!!!!!

    • Jesse:

      My pleasure, Scott. Look at this here. This is not about me being a brilliant writer, the deal here is that I am touching people that didn’t even know Jamie or know of him. That’s a gift! A gift to me. I will keep his name alive as long as I’m alive.

      Natasha Weisheimer
      CIA, CDFM-A, MBA, Internal Auditor at DFAS
      Columbus, OhioAccounting
      DFAS, Defense Logistics Agency, EVC
      Jones International University

      Jesse, you are a brilliant writer. You post literally made me cry. How could some random reader on LI be so profoundly touched by your piece written about people she had never known? This has to be your style of writing – powerful in its simplicity and sincerity. I also need to compliment you on the ending to your story. It was not just a nice thing to do – to call the cemetery administrator. Things like that naturally connect our memories and emotions to our present day realities and add the finishing touch of harmony and completeness to the picture. Jamie was in your life, and he still is, only differently. Thank you for the post!
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